We want to bring the best of Latin American food to the streets of Aberdeen and share the flavours that define our culture. Taste the best of our cuisine, from Argentina, to Mexico, to Venezuela and beyond.

Whether you're hungry for arepas, a choripán or a fresh and filling burrito - or looking to discover new tastes from across the globe - visit Latinway and experience the best of Latin America food in the North East of Scotland.


Opening Hours

Monday – Wednesday
12:00 – 19:00

Thursday – Saturday
12:00 – 23:00

13:00 - 19:00

Curious about the food?

Each one of our dishes has a back-story, so click on them to learn more!

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Pepito Monday


Pepito baguette + Latin Ice tea (papelón con limón), a perfect way to start the week.

Taco Tuesday


Taco x 2 + Latin Ice Tea (papelón con limón). We recommend the Ceviche fish tacos.

Burrito Wednesday


Regular burrito + Latin Ice Tea (papelón con limón), a classic combo.

Arepa Thursday


Arepa with filling + Latin Ice Tea (papelón con limón) - a tasty Latin American hidden gem.

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There's a whole world of food out there, waiting to be discovered...

Some of Latin America's most famous dishes have unexpected histories: brought by migrants, mix of local and foreign influences, and a lot of common ancestries.

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