Our Story

Everyone has a story, and here is ours

The story of Latinway began after the need of seeing places where you could feel real Latin American flavours. Making ourselves at home far from our origin countries is never easy, so we thought it would be great to have somewhere to go and have a lovely choripán, some nice tequeños or a glass of panela, while enjoying our colours, aromas and music.

We believe that every country has unique flavours, and we are extremely excited to share them with the Aberdonian population. Venezuela, Argentina, Peru or Colombia are just few examples of the many countries that make up Latin America, each of them being unique in its own way. It would be impossible to have every dish from every region (Though we wish we could) but at least we can bring what we consider the best.

Our mission is to make of Latinway a whole experience. Sitting on the shop to have some food does not only include the food itself, but also enjoying all the colourful artwork throughout the walls, listening to the best of our music and being attended with the best of our attitude.

Latinway is not just a takeway, but also a shop where you can buy Latin products to unleash your creativity, and even try to imitate our tasty food. Drinks, sauces, flours or spices are some of the things you will be able to get every time you come to our shop.

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Story of Latinway