Papelón con Limón

      • “Papelón con Limón” is one of the most deeply-rooted refreshments in traditional Venezuelan gastronomy, and considered the best representative of the criollo people (multi-racial people of European descent), due to its colonial origins.
      • According to different studies, it originated in the colonial sugar mills, in which farmers’ diets subsisted of papelón, cheese, casabe (cassava bread) and hard liquor.

      • This refreshing drink is made of unrefined sugar blocks (also known as “panela” or “papelón”), lemon and water. Its preparation is extremely simple, and it’s one of the best options for hot days – or accompanying typical Venezuelan meals such as arepas, cachapas and traditional empanadas.

Latin Ice Tea is served as part of the Pepito Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Burrito Wednesdays and Arepa Thursdays £5 weekly deals – more details on the Latinway menu

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