• There are many different versions of the origin of tequeños, but the most popular and known comes from Los Teques – a city in the state of Miranda, Venezuela. During the end of the 19th century, a baker was trying to create a new type of food using the leftover dough from pastries. She decided to wrap small bars of soft white cheese in the dough and fry them – creating the much-loved Venezuelan treat. In honour of the city it was born, she called her creation “Tequeños”.


      • During the early 20th Century, Los Teques was a popular holiday spot for the richest families in Caracas, where the already famous tequeño was served as a side dish, sometimes sprinkled with sugar.

Tequeños stak

      • The traditional tequeño slowly became a typical snack in parties and events, and the soft cheese was replaced with semi-hard white cheese. Nowadays, however, there are many different fillings and combinations. From different types of cheeses and sausage fillings to “gourmet” versions – including fillings like blue cheese and bacon, spinach and ricotta, white cheese and pesto or goat’s cheese and dried tomato. Sweet fillings have also become increasingly popular – using chocolate, “dulce de leche” (Milk caramel) or guava, for instance.

Tequeños are a perfect side dish with your burrito, arepa or tacos, and also great for sharing – see our full range of sides on the Latinway menu.

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